School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) places for a September 2016 start

UCAS opens for applications on 27th October 2016.  

You can apply for Primary SCITT or Secondary SCITT, selecting Educate Teacher Training as your provider.

The Secondary subjects offered are Art & Design, Biology,  Chemistry, Dance, Design & Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, Maths, Modern Languages, Music, PE, Physics and RE.

To train with Educate Teacher Training you choose your school and your location. 

School Direct (salaried and fee paying) places vacancies for a September 2016 start

UCAS opens for applications on 27th October 2016.

You can apply for School Direct (salaried or fee-paying), selecting your preferred Lead School.

School Direct (salaried) 

  • Dyke House Sports and Technology College for Primary and Secondary places in the North East, within the Northern Education Trust. The Secondary subjects offered are Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design & Technology, English, Geography, History, Maths, Modern Languages, PE, Physics and RE.
  • Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School for Primary places in the Leeds/Bradford Consortium, within the Noctua Teaching Alliance.
  • Grange Park Primary School for Primary places in Sunderland.
  • Stranton Primary School for Primary places in Hartlepool.

School Direct (fee-paying)

  • Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School for Primary places in the Leeds/Bradford Consortium.

Feel Successful Every Day

Whether you’re finishing university or looking for a career change, teaching provides you with fulfilment and exhilaration on a daily basis. This is because every pupil has the capacity to learn, and as an outstanding teacher you’re able to inspire growth and a love of learning.

In more than 15 years training teachers, we’ve found that personalised, school-led training gives you the best foundation for future success. Our high levels of support are key to our exceptional results – all of our 2013-2014 trainees qualified as good or outstanding, and more than 90% had employment lined up for the coming academic year.

Learn how we’ll help you become an exceptional teacher who makes a tangible difference to pupils’ lives every day.

If you’ve already decided teaching is the career path for you and you’re ready to train with Educate, find out how to apply here.

You’re in the best place to learn how to do the job – working alongside expert practitioners in school – but also have the opportunity to apply theoretical ideas directly and immediately to your practice. The combination of these two essential elements means that, at the end of your training, you’re ready to be a Newly Qualified Teacher who can take up your first teaching position with confidence, competence and a full awareness of the role.

Julie Kitchen, Head of Initial Teacher Training, Educate
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Why Teach?

There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing pupils grow under your tuition

Teaching is one of the most fulfilling, if demanding, careers. The rewards from seeing even a tiny milestone achieved make it all worthwhile.

Learn what teaching has to offer you

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How Training Works

Personalised training ensures you’re confident and prepared

Working with 175 partnership schools across the UK, Educate offers school-led routes to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). You’ll spend most of your time in the classroom, supported by two in-school mentors and a dedicated professional tutor.

Depending on your experience and how you’d like to train, we offer places for School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), School Direct (salaried) and School Direct (fee paying). 

Get more information on how training works

Get more information about how to train with Educate

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Continuous Career Support

The support you need to succeed

We’re not just there as you start your journey as a teacher. Educate acts as a springboard for personal and professional growth throughout your career.

We provide you with a high level of ongoing support, so you’re able to grow and improve as you inspire pupils to do the same.

Learn more about our ongoing career support

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Do You Want to Offer Teacher Training as a Partnership School?

Are you interesting in getting involved in school-led teacher training? Are you looking for support with an existing School Direct or SCITT programme?

We’ve worked with more than 175 partnership schools across the UK, delivering training programmes with excellent outcomes.

If you want to talk about your plans for teacher training, please ring 01476 512793 for more information about how Educate Teacher Training, as an accredited provider, can help.

Learn how we can help you recruit promising talent and shape them into outstanding educators