Skills Booster Courses

Professional Skills Tests – Numeracy and Literacy Booster Courses

If you are hoping to train to become a teacher next September, you will need to take the numeracy and literacy skills tests, and ensure you have passed them before you start the course. 

We understand that many people get nervous about their Professional Skills Tests, so to help you prepare for these and feel more confident, we are running booster courses. Each course costs £50 including VAT.

Dates & Venues


  • 27 February 2016 – Leeds Beckett Universit


  • 12 March– Leeds Beckett University
  • 19 March 2016 – The Priory, Grantham

The course will go through the practical elements of the test, teaching you how best to tackle each question. We will also talk about the pressure met when taking the test, looking to develop efficient methods to overcome these fears. We will also provide material that relates to the syllabus.


In the Professional Skills Test (Numeracy), you are tested on your ability to interpret and use written data to:

  • Identify trends correctly;
  • Make comparisons in order to draw conclusions;
  • Interpret information accurately.

You will also be tested on your ability to solve written arithmetic problems which are set in a variety of situations and will include:

  • Time;
  • Money;
  • Proportion and ratio;
  • Percentages, fractions and decimals;
  • Measurements (e.g. distance, area);
  • Conversions (e.g. from one currency to another, from fractions to decimals or percentages);
  • Averages (including mean, median, mode and range where relevant);
  • Using simple formulae.


In the Professional Skills Test for Literacy, you are tested on your:

  • Spelling: based on vocabulary that you could reasonably be expected to use in your professional role as a teacher.
  • Punctuation: which tests your ability to understand and apply punctuation rules seeing as correct and consistent use of punctuation is an essential aspect of a teacher’s literacy.
  • Grammar: which tests your ability to identify text that doesn’t conform to good grammatical practice. You will be expected to distinguish between text that makes sense and clearly conveys its intended meaning and text that does not. You will not be tested on your knowledge of grammatical terms, but on your knowledge of how to use grammar correctly.
  • Comprehension: This section tests your ability to: identify main points in a text, distinguish between facts and opinions, retrieve facts and key points, make inferences and deductions, evaluate meaning and status

We will also compile and distribute a glossary of terms used commonly in literacy as well as a practice pack and tips for preparation.

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Please download the booking form, fill in the required fields and e-mail it to To secure your spot on the course, please pay via the link below.

Finally, it would be beneficial if you have attempted one of the practise numeracy skills tests as this will help you highlight your strengths and weaknesses, so you can make the most out of the course. You can find these on the Government website here.

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