Emma’s NQT Blog: My experiences as an NQT so far…

There has been many big changes this year going from a trainee to an NQT and the experiences along the way has reinforced the idea that I will learn something new every day and will continue to learn from mistakes and celebrate achievements.

The first major change I have felt as an NQT has been the responsibility for my own classes, and a sense of being “on your own” with classes…both a positive feeling of finally being qualified! But also a scary feeling of being left to it and learning on the spot from errors or mistakes. This responsibility of classes and pupils may not seem a big change, but having your mentor there every step of the way to coach and guide you is so essential whilst training so that when you do qualify you can be left to it confidently and put all that guidance into practice.

Another change in experience as an NQT has been taking on the role of leading Extra Curricular activities. I was given this responsibility by the Head of Department and felt excited at being in charge for something I am so passionate about, as well as taking on extra responsibility within the department.

Something which has remained the same is the support and guidance from my mentor and department. I still feel, as an NQT, that I can always ask for help and new ideas. Taking the guidance and feedback from experienced others has impacted on my teaching and development hugely. As the youngest member of the department I always feel I should be fresh with new ideas and strategies, but it is with experience and support that ideas come together and are put effectively into my lessons.

Also, the training and CPD I receive from my school, subject mentor and professional mentor are helping continually improve my practice and learn how to meet the targets set from my training year but also my observations and meetings as an NQT.

It is the realisation that I am now an “NQT” and finally qualified in the profession I have waited to be in for so long! My career has only just started and I cannot wait to learn, develop and achieve even more.

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