Continuous Career Support

We’re a springboard for personal and professional growth throughout your career

We’ve structured our programme to provide high levels of support at every stage, from when you first apply to when you move on to new challenges.

We’re so successful in this regard because we’re part of a larger, established organisation supporting schools. Educate has worked as a trusted advisor to more than 4,000 schools and has more than 15 years’ experience helping schools deliver positive outcomes.

That means we’re in a position to give you resources and support to develop once you’ve achieved Qualified Teacher Status.

As experts in performance management and recruitment – as well as many other aspects of school life – we know precisely what it takes to become a successful teacher.


Performance Management

We have unique tools that help you monitor your progress against standards

Our Standards Tracker performance management software makes it easy to track your progress during your training. You’ll have a clear understanding of how your teaching has improved over time, and how you can improve against standards.

This insight helps you become a more effective teacher – and makes you a valuable addition to any school.

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Recruitment Support

We support you in finding teaching jobs that progress your career

We’re extremely proud of our high employment rates – in 2013-2014 it was more than 90%. In fact, head teachers tell us that our trainees are especially confident and well prepared from their first day in the classroom.

As advisors to schools across the UK and internationally, we know what makes a compelling candidate, and will help you progress throughout your career.