Why Teach?

Teaching is tough. It’s also one of the most fulfilling careers.

There’s no greater satisfaction than being able to say, ‘You learned something from me today.’

Every pupil in the classroom has the capacity to learn. An outstanding teacher is able to inspire a love of learning in pupils of different backgrounds and personalities.

We offer you training and support to become someone who makes a tangible, daily difference to children’s lives. Get straight into the classroom and you’ll see what it’s like to feel successful every day.

Continuous Career Support

We offer personalised, professional support during your training and throughout your career

Educate acts as a springboard for personal and professional growth throughout your career.

We provide you with a high level of ongoing support in areas such as job hunting and performance management. As part of a larger, established company advising schools, we’re a valuable resource when it comes to developing your career.

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Case Study – Graduate

Andrew McAllister – Secondary Music Trainee, 2012-2013

I completed the QTS-only route [through school-led training], and it was an incredible way of training to teach.

The amount of teaching experience I gained through this route was amazing and allowed me plenty of time to develop my own teaching practice, something I have reaped the benefits of in my NQT year.

As a graduate I felt the mix of classroom teaching and academic training was the perfect way to introduce me to the world of education.

The staff were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and I always knew they were there to help with any issues I may have had.

Case Study – Career Changer

Jane-Anne Hooton – Secondary Design Technology Trainee, 2012-2013

With a young family and financial responsibilities, [employment-based training] was the best option as it allowed me to train while working as an unqualified teacher.

The benefits of being in the classroom every day were that I was able to fully experience the roles and responsibilities of a classroom teacher from the start. I was able to integrate into both my department and year team early on in the first term, and this allowed me to establish relationships and links with colleagues who have supported my training and continue to support my professional development.

The in-school training has been amazing from subject mentors, and was mirrored in the external training provided by Educate, who offered a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding general pedagogy alongside subject-specific training opportunities.

The teaching experience during training has encouraged me to raise my career aspirations and set new goals and targets for my NQT year and beyond.